Who We Are

Step into the wild world of Dizzy Rock

     Where you'll find captivating artwork, lavish adornments, and eclectic furniture. You'll soon realize we are unlike any ordinary furniture company. We are centered around creativity, our goal is to give you something you can't find anywhere else.
     The owner of Dizzy Rock, Steven Wellington, grew up working for his families furniture business in New York. Since a young age he dreamed of leaving his own unique foot print on the furniture world. Going on to work on luxury yachts and interior decorating, Steven gained the experience in skills that would allow him to make his dream come true. 


Custom Furniture

     Dizzy Rock Furniture specializes in custom upholstery. We work with you to create a one of a kind piece for your home to reflect your personality. Your imagination is the limit!
With our wide-ranging assortment of fabrics to choose from we'll help you breathe new life into your outdated furniture and turn it into a work of art.

Home Decor

     Dizzy Rock Furniture also offers truly unique home decor.  Lighting fixtures, sculptures, neon signs, wall art, pillows, rugs and more. You'll find everything from whimsical oversized cherry sculptures for your kitchen, to pieces like our rainbow goddess statue to make a statement in your living room. We also feature art blocks from a wide-range of artist with various styles from all over the world. Come explore our showroom in Delray Beach FL, to see for yourself!